About SMB

Spirit Mind Body Educational Resources was founded by Sherry Harris and is located in Seattle, Washington. SMB Educational Resources is an international organization teaching core skills for living consciously and manifesting intended results.

About Sherry

Sherry Harris is a internationally recognized scholar, writer, philosopher and a teacher. She has conducted seminars and worked in human and cultural development throughout the world. After working in corporate leadership for many years, Sherry then served on the Seattle City Council after being elected to public office in a city-wide election. An engineer by profession, her election was preceded by an exuberant and extensive career of advocacy, business and economic development and leadership. As a business executive, a politician, and an agent for change, Sherry has had a rich career in leadership and moving corporate America into conscious awareness of integrating the spirit mind body of human potential. Ms Harris now dedicates her life’s work to empowering people to wake up to their true potential, to live the life they have always wanted to live and achieve the personal, political and business results that support that vision. She gives inspiring and dynamic talks on life topics teaching how to be and live from your higher self. She empowers people to use metaphysical principles to consciously and deliberately create results in business and in life while modeling individually the change they would like to see in the world. Sherry Harris resides in Seattle, Washington and gives seminars and keynote presentations for business and government organizations worldwide.

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