Integrating the Spirit Mind Body of Human Development IN COMMUNITY BUSINESSES AND GOVERNMENT

“The most important system for your success is your belief system”
Sherry Harris

Founded by Sherry Harris, SMB Educational Resources is an international organization teaching core skills for living consciously and generating intended results.

The Intersection of Spirituality and Politics

The primary structure and means we have been given to work on our dreams and aspirations for America and the world is through the political system, and politics in general. Politics has become corrupt, the system is broken, and democracy is now threatened. The time has come for a new approach to governance using transformational tools and holistic strategies.

Holistic Politics

We can transform politics as we know it today if we incorporate the mind, body and spirit into our actions and methods. The universal laws of consciousness and the principles of spirituality have much to say about reinventing politics, the political realm, and governance of ourselves, to shift worldwide outcomes toward our desired and intended results that are sustainable over time.

“Sherry Harris compassionately blazes new trails for our human unfolding. She invites us to awaken to the truth of who we are and what we’ve all come here to do and be”.
~ Neale Donald Walsch, Author, Conversations With God

You have always dreamed of higher places… Spirit Mind Body Educational Resources offers transformational tools and holistic strategies for life, health, business, education and government.