Change the inside

and the outside changes

I articulate what is going right

What is right with people keeps the hopeful spirit alive

I have learned to judge by results

Actual results

Change your self-image

and your behavior follows

I stop reinforcing any limiting ideas with myself and others

in thought, word, deed or joke, that such an idea is true

I do not assume

that what I see is all that there is

I am ready for the new

and I accept it with enthusiasm into my reality

I am changing my exterior conditions

by altering my inner self first


The Intersection of Spirituality and Politics

Our political system serves as the primary vehicle for realizing our collective dreams and aspirations for our communities, our nation and the world. However, politics has become tainted by corruption, the system has faltered, and democracy now faces peril. It is time to adopt a fresh approach to governance, one that employs transformative methods and embraces a holistic perspective.

Holistic Political Approach

By embracing a comprehensive approach that integrates the mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions, we have the potential to transform contemporary politics. The timeless wisdom of universal consciousness and spiritual principles offers valuable insights for reimagining political systems and self-governance, enabling us to create enduring, positive changes on a global scale.

“The most important system for your success is your belief system”
~ Sherry Harris

Founded by Sherry Harris,
SMB Educational Resources is an international organization teaching core skills for living consciously and generating intended results.

“Sherry Harris compassionately blazes new trails for our human unfolding. She invites us to awaken to the truth of who we are and what we’ve all come here to do and be”.

~ Neale Donald Walsch, Author, Conversations With God

You have always dreamed of higher places… Spirit Mind Body Educational Resources offers transformational tools and holistic strategies for life, health, business, education and government.

Embracing your visions, ideas, and aspirations is the catalyst for profound change in your life, community, and the world at large.

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